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Self Care + Our Well-being

Self Care comes in many forms + plays an integral part of our well-being. Taking time to focus on yourself has many benefits for our lively hood to avoid burnout. When practicing self care you will have better productivity, boost your immune system, enhanced self-esteem, improved self-compassion, emotional health, + ability to pay it forward.

I have been in this industry for ten years + through out my journey there were times where I spread myself self very thin + experienced burnout, as a result my life went out of balance. I felt it mentally, emotionally, physically. When I took a step back + began to practice self care I gained my balance back. I became more self aware, healthier, happier + found peace of mind. Now of course there are daily attributes that can throw you off your balance which is why it is so important to practice self care on a daily basis. (even something as simple as taking some alone time + reading a book will help)

After feeling the effects of self care in my personal life I decided to intergrade it into my career. I have designed my Offerings to help my clients practice self care beauty rituals while in the salon. From Colors to Cuts, Styles + Treatments, they have all been mindfully adjusted to Beauty + Wellness. The products I use are non-toxic + the duration of the offerings have been extended to allow ourselves to fully immerse into the experience.

Offering Beauty Rituals is my way of guiding you to practice self care + I look forward to sharing this journey.

Check out our Rituals page for self-care guides you can practice at any time.