Fall for Dewy Skin


Creating this Makeup Story for Callahan was especially fun for me. Fall has always held a special place in my heart, even though living in LA doesn’t get me a true fall, a girl can still dream. Counting down the days till it gets cold enough for me to wear my turtle necks + coats from my my numerous + unnecessary collection. I swear half my closet is filled with huge coats that I don’t get to wear very often but save for the rare occasion that I can.

As soon as I walked in to the studio and saw the cozy knitwear from Callahan, the reds oranges + creams, a look came to mind.

Fresh dewy skin, Clean but defined eyes + of course the burnt orange lip stain.

Follow my guide below to recreate this Fall Makeup Ritual

Photography by .Danikha Margot
Styling by Callahan
Hair + Skin by Julia
Model Lisa


How to

To create beautiful dewy fresh skin, it all starts with your skin care ritual. After properly cleansing your skin (+exfoliate skin + lips if necessary) tone with your favorite rose water or hydrosol. Next add your hydrating products in this order serum, moisturizer , oil, eye cream + lip treatment.

Now for the Makeup

  1. Begin with a thin layer of Ilia True Skin Serum Foundation. Using a round foundation brush to buff into the skin + spot treat with RMS un-coverup if needed.

  2. Lip2Cheek by RMS in Paradise, using your fingers press into cheeks and blend into skin to create a flush toned cheek.

  3. Using RMS Living Luminizer, again using your fingers press the Highlight onto the top of your cheek bones up your temples.

  4. With the Ilia Essential Brow, brush your brows upwards in the direction of hair growth to define + shape your brows

  5. From the Ilia Eye shadow pallet use the Moonstone +apply lightly over lip up to your brow, then buff Jasper into your crease and under your bottom lash line.

  6. Define your lash line with Kjer Weis eye pencil in brown + smudge with a small smudge brush of your fingers. ( I personally prefer this look with no mascara but if you are looking to add more drama lash away)

  7. Lastly Lip2Ceek by RMS in Paradise, using the warmth from your finger tips press colour into lips for an undefined lip stain finish.

    For extra Illumination use the Living Luminizer by RMS and add more Highlights under the arch of your brow bone, bridge of your nose + cupids bow of your lips.

    For this look I tend to not powder at all but if needed lightly powder your T-zone at the very end.

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