Julia first began her career within the beauty + entertainment industry, creativity drew her in but something was missing + her search for more began. When it comes to the five senses touch + taste resonate within her, the connection to another life form +the power to heal they offer feels so natural to her she was destined to learn more.

Her journey began with herbalism + it soon grew to more curiosity on our connection within this planet + universe. She is currently in school for Holistic Health care. Julia believes in the non stop evolution of one’s self, + her focus of study is how to heal our mind + body + spirit, by using our Chakra System with the support of Herbal allies + Plant Based nutrition.

Stay connected as Julia shares her journey + her knowledge.

Unified by a love for the Earth and the people who live in it.

Intuitive guide

Holistic Nutritionist

Ayurvedic Esthetics

Reiki Practitioner


Julia is an artist + an intuitve guide, melding her two passions together to create a new field of work for our mind body + spirit