Spiritual Unions

Booking Information

Socal + Destination

Step 1 : Inquiry

Send us a request via our Booking forum
to see if we are available on your Wedding day. 

Step 2 : Reserve your date

To reserve your day, complete + sign our contract 
Along with a non-refundable 50% Deposit, 
Wedding dates cannot be held without a contract + deposit.

Step 3 : Book a Trial

Trials help create the perfect look for your big day. 
During the trial we will run through your hair + makeup 
vision along with our expert advice, to create timeless look.

02 Wedding Day - Ashley + Andy - 148.jpg

02 Wedding Day - Ashley + Andy - 160.jpg

Step 4 : Finalize Contract

After we have completed our trial, we will discuss 
timing for the day of your wedding, (for you +your wedding party.) 
If anyone in your wedding party would like to 
book makeup services we will them to our contract. 
an additional deposit may be required for the wedding party. 
Once the contract has been finalized we will send a schedule for the day of your wedding services

Step 5 : Your Wedding Day !

The best step of them all ! 
We will perform your wedding beauty ritual as agreed upon during our trial 
Then all that’s left is to say,

“I DO!”



if you prefer to have a trial before signing a Contact, we can of course provide the service, but please note our services for your wedding date are not booked or guaranteed until we receive a signed contract + deposit